A guide to our demonstration applications.

How do I open a user account?

Opening an account is simple. Click on the button below and fill in your information.

Demo App

How do I buy cryptocurrency?

1. Sign up for a User Account if you have not already.

2. Navigate to "Accounts" in the panel on the left.

3. Open a Transactional Account for the specific cryptocurrency you want to buy. An account for your local currency will be opened automatically.

4. Navigate to "Funding" on the panel on the left. You will need to send funds to your local currency account.

5. If you're in the Europe or the United Kingdom, send funds via bank transfer to the details under the "SEPA" section using the reference supplied.

6. If you're in any other territory, use the details under the "SWIFT" section. Users in Africa can purchase through various Mobile Money providers.

Note: on average, funds take 3 days to clear but may take longer. If it's been longer than 7 days, contact support.

7. Once your funds have been allocated to your fiat account, navigate to "Buy Cryptocurrencies" on the panel on the left.

8. Choose the cryptocurrency from the drop down and enter the amount of local currency you want to spend.

9. Click on "Buy Now".

Your cryptocurrency account will be credited with the amount purchased as soon as the transaction is confirmed on the Blockchain.

You can view a step-by-step tutorial to buy through bank transfer here, and through Mobile Money (Africa only) here.

How long before I get my cryptocurrency?

This process can take a couple of hours depending on the network and cryptocurrency purchased. In rare cases, it can take longer. If the volume you are trying to purchase is large, we may need some time to fulfil the order; in these instances, you will be notified and prompted to reconfirm the purchase at the current price, if the price has changed.

What cryptocurrencies can I buy?

Right now, you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and BVK Token. We are busy working on integrating DASH (in testing), Zcash and Ethereum over the next while.

How do I purchase BVK Token?

1. Send Bitcoin, Zcash or Ethereum to the following addresses:

BTC: 3QkLVP4MiRvuzyVahqhfRGBSPQuNQmkiTt
ETH: 0xF4475f43587C08fF2c373a6ed890106f7f0F70F7

2. Log in to BVNK and navigate to "Buy BVK Token" in the panel on the left.

3. Choose the cryptocurrency you used to purchase BVK Token. There is a drop down next to "I'll pay with".

4. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you sent.

5. Enter the Traction ID for the transaction in the "Transaction ID" field. This is used to verify the transaction before we allocate BVK Token to you.

6. Click on "Buy BVK" to confirm.

You can view a step-by-step tuturial here.

Do you support fiat currencies?

Currently, we only support fiat currencies for purchasing cryptocurrencies. We are busy with licence acquisition in multiple territories and hope to have the United Kingdom supporting fiat in 2018. In addition, we are partnering with banks to unlock a host of cryptocurrency to fiat functionlity and products.

How do I withdraw cryptocurrency?

Withdrawing cryptocurrency is simple and functions like a payment.

1. Navigate to the "Accounts" in the panel on the left.

2. Click on the account that you want to send from, select “Once-off” and enter in the external wallet address.

Be careful and double check: the wallet address needs be correct and to support the right cryptocurrency otherwise you could lose your assets.

You can view a step-by-step tuturial here.

What is KYC and how do I verify my identity?

'KYC' stands for "Know Your Customer" and is part of our continued commitment to ensure that we aren’t supporting criminal activity of any kind. Until you have submitted proof of your identification and residential address, we will have to limit purchase and transaction amounts as well as other services if applicable. In addition, verification will enable you to access your private keys for your wallets.

We apply conventional regulation standards and requirements to cryptocurrencies. This is in an effort to accelerate the maturity of the industry as a whole.

Do I own my cryptocurrency wallet?

Yes. Unlike many exchanges that centralise all cryptocurrency assets in a holding wallet and virtually partition it for each user, we provide individual cryptocurrency wallets, complete with access to private keys (for verified users). This means that you actually own your cryptocurrency (that’s right, you don’t otherwise) and can regenerate wallets independently of BVNK.

Are my private keys safe?

Yes, all private keys are encrypted and stored securely. They are only ever used with actions that result in your account balance being changed. Only your credentials will be able to enable these kinds of actions.

What are the fees?

Our transaction fees are the same as the network fees for that given cryptocurrency and are added to it. We provide individual wallets, a variety of services and functionality, and our fees don’t change regardless of how much volume you move. We will also batch transactions wherever possible to reduce fee overhead and pass these savings on to you.

Can I access BVNK APIs?

Developers that want to build their own cryptocurrency platforms can do so free of charge. We only charge transaction fees until the user base a platform that uses BVNK exceeds 10,000 users. This gives enough space to build a sustainable business before incurring technology costs.

We have written a brief tutorial to help developers get started.
How to build a simple cryptocurrency platfrom

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