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We built a simple cryptocurrency brokerage to showcase some of our technology.

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Mobile Application for White Labeling

Our mobile application showcases only some of the transacitonal and storage functionality available in our comprehensive banking infrastructure suite. Sign up to see how it can be used for buying, transacting with and storing multiple cryptocurrencies.

The mobile application can be fully white labeled, and can be equipped with more or all of the functionality available. All available funcitonality is listed in our API Documentation

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Supported Digital Assets

Digital Assets are added based on market capitalisation, stability and utility.

Our infrastructure enables proprietary token issuance and custom tokenised assets like
real estate, financial instruments, identification and more.

Demo App Features


Our UI is designed to absorb the complexity of dealing with cryptocurrencies. Beautiful design combined with useful features to provide a cryptocurrency management dream.
Complexity is old fashioned.


Easily send cryptocurrencies to other people that are on BVNK or any other wallet that supports that cryptocurrency. QR codes are included, but we also support FB messenger, SMS, USSD and more.
Utility is everything.

Independent Wallets

Our wallets are independent that can be individually maintained, secured, and audited. Many platforms own your Bitcoin until you withdraw it, with us it's always yours. We also support custom key management methods.
Sovereignty without disorder.


Our platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind. We have engineers with years of security experience that have gone to great lengths to ensure that your digital assets are secure in a world of radical uncertainty.
Pièce de résistance for peace of mind.

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